Birdcatcher Spots

Charlie has developed these strange little white dots all over him. Some flecks and some big ten pence piece sized splodges.


My instructor tells me they’re called Birdcatcher spots named after a famous racehorse with the markings.


They appeared as if overnight and seem to fluctuate in frequency and size more than I can keep track of. I find them quite cute and I hope they stay!


And also they’re sported by Zara Phillip’s former steed Toytown. Maybe It’s a chestnut thing?



5 thoughts on “Birdcatcher Spots

  1. Amazing to see this at his age — 19? When did you first notice them? My herd have a strong Appaloosa gene and we have random tufts of white hairs that come out more and more each year, starting about age 1. But I’ve not heard of this. Cool!

    • I first noticed them when I clipped him early this year. But the skin is pigmented white underneath too which makes me think he might be de-pigmenting as he ages? Cute regardless!

  2. My Morgan developed them upon reaching maturity at age 7. He gets a few more every year. I have found the racehorse Birdcatcher in his papers…I was initially horrified that my solid chocolate Morgan had spots…now they just are ‘him’!

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